When I was pregnant and not that fabulous

Being not so Fabulous

Before being pregnant, I always heard stories about the joys of pregnancy, the "blooming" period and what a wonderful feeling it is to create life. 

I - Never - Had - That :)) 

I am blessed to have 3 wonderful girls, but my pregnancies were not much fun. And certainly I never felt Fabulous. Weight creeped up on me like a ninja in disguises adding kgs from week to week until I managed to add a whooping 35kg to my normal weight with my 2nd pregnancy. Topping to this joy I was sick for the first 4 months with all 3 pregnancies, then the acid reflux kicked in...ligament pains, swallowed feet and the joys of having some tinny adorable knees kicking me inside non stop. 

Was not what I imaged. 

I am sure most of you feel the same. So this blog is for you. A space to be real, to hopefully find some comfort in my stories and to know that this journey is not Fabulous for most of us. 

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