How it works

How does it work?

*Browse our beautiful handmade collection of dresses offered for hire

* Choose one or more dresses of your choice to hire for your photoshoot or event and pick the duration of your hire (3 or 7 days)

*You pay for your rental. We then send you an email to request your card details, as security for any delays, damage or loss to our items. This is so we don’t charge a huge deposit outright for the items and to keep the prices as affordable as possible

* We send the dress/es to you the day before your chosen start date

*You then use your dress/es, and then simply send it back to us using the prepaid label and package you received when your item arrived. Please note, the item must be shipped back within 24 hours of your end date (Sundays and Bank Holidays are excluded) 

*postage is only £5 - this also includes your return label

*Please note, delays in receiving the items back, damage or loss will be subject to extra fees.